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Every child deserves an equal opportunity to discover and develop their potential

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At NTUC First Campus, we believe that every child should have an equal opportunity to discover and develop their potential, regardless of their circumstances. Our goal is to ensure that each and every child is provided with the foundation for a bright future.

Every Child

Every Family Matters

Fuelled by this passion to give every child in Singapore a good start in life, we developed our Child Support Model (CSM) in 2016 to provide an integrated approach to fulfil the diverse needs of children and families when they require support: those who come from low-income families, and children with learning needs so that they too can benefit fully from a quality preschool education.

Fielded by a team of over 90 multi-disciplinary Child Support Professionals

At the heart of our Child Support Model is an integrated team of learning support educators, therapists, child enabling executives, and classroom co-facilitators who work closely with our preschool teachers, parents, and community partners to enhance the learning and well-being of these children, and to ensure that our families receive timely support when they need it.

With a holistic, multi-pronged, and child-centric approach, every child can achieve their fullest potential during their early years.

4 Key Areas of
Our Child Support Model

Financial Support

Helping families afford preschool education and unlocking ending possibilities for their young ones.

Social Support

Building close relationships with families and providing appropriate support in the best interests of the children.

Learning and Development Support

Offering targeted learning and development support through our intervention programmes.

Health and Well-being Support

Supporting families with their health and nutritional needs, and providing ways to enhance their overall wellness.