You’ve Got Talent (YGT)

The programme provides opportunities for young children from low-income families to explore and enjoy various sports and arts programmes that they may otherwise not experience. These learning experiences provide an added boost of confidence, giving them the chance to express themselves creatively and discover their hidden talents.


  • Explore and enjoy various sports and arts programmes, such as Music and Movement and Mixed Media Art.



Children from low-income families usually lose out on opportunities to participate in sports and arts activities, as these commonly fall under additional enrichment programmes. NTUC First Campus introduces a new world to these children, expanding the joy of learning.

You’ve Got Talent aims to uncover the potential of children, particularly those from low-income backgrounds. Supporting their development outside the classroom enhances their fine motor and creativity skills, while also building their self-confidence.

Sponsored by the Singapore Maritime Officers’ Union (SMOU), You’ve Got Talent introduces children to art programmes, craft activities, and interactive music and movement. Six months of lessons are offered free of charge to eligible children.

Who is eligible?


  • Currently, this programme is only applicable to selected children from My First Skool.