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Every child deserves an equal opportunity to discover and develop their potential

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At NTUC First Campus, we believe that every child should have an equal opportunity to discover and develop their potential, regardless of their circumstances. Our goal is to ensure that each and every child is provided with the foundation for a bright future.

Every Child

Every Family Matters

Fuelled by this passion to give every child in Singapore a good start in life, we developed our Child Support Model (CSM) in 2016 to provide an integrated approach to fulfil the diverse needs of children and families when they require support: those who come from low-income families, and children with learning needs so that they too can benefit fully from a quality preschool education.

Fielded by a team of over 90 multi-disciplinary Child Support Professionals

At the heart of our Child Support Model is an integrated team of learning support educators, therapists, child enabling executives, and classroom co-facilitators who work closely with our preschool teachers, parents, and community partners to enhance the learning and well-being of these children, and to ensure that our families receive timely support when they need it.

With a holistic, multi-pronged, and child-centric approach, every child can achieve their fullest potential during their early years.

4 Key Areas of
Our Child Support Model

Financial Support

Helping families afford preschool education and unlocking ending possibilities for their young ones.

Social Support

Building close relationships with families and providing appropriate support in the best interests of the children.

Learning and Development Support

Offering targeted learning and development support through our intervention programmes.

Health and Well-being Support

Supporting families with their health and nutritional needs, and providing ways to enhance their overall wellness.

Financial Support

Each year, NTUC First Campus disburses funds to help low-income families afford preschool education, unlocking endless possibilities for their young ones. In 2022, we have supported:


Families received sponsored NTUC Membership


Children received financial support from the Bright Horizons Fund


Children received $400 top-up to their Child Development Accounts (CDA)

Social Support

NTUC First Campus provides comprehensive social support for our families and children in need, in partnership with KidSTART Singapore Limited.

Our Child Enabling Executives support families, collaborate with My First Skool teachers, social workers, and other stakeholders in the community to ensure that the appropriate support and intervention are provided in the best interests of the child.

Learning & Development Support

One of the fundamental beliefs of NTUC First Campus is that no child should be left behind in their learning journey. When children are identified with learning or development needs, our in-house learning support educators, classroom co-facilitators and therapists are there to offer targeted support through our intervention programmes to level them with their peers. In 2022, we have supported:


Children received in-class support for learning needs


Children received learning support and therapy packages


Children benefitted from language and literacy support

Health & Well-being Support

NTUC First Campus provides low-income families with practical necessities, such as groceries, infant nutrition products, and primary school essentials. We have also broadened our support to cover mental health through conducting mental well-being workshops for parents and guardians of our children. Further, our various well-being programmes such as enrichment activities and family bonding opportunities enhance the overall wellness of the children and families. In 2022, we have supported:


Children received the Family and Bonding Kit that encourages family bonding


Children received food packs with essential groceries


Birthday cakes were delivered to children to celebrate their special day

Learn more about our health & well-being support pillar

Stories makes it real

Explore these stories that tell how we have made an impact on families through the 4 pillars of our Child Support Model.

  • Brightening up young lives through small but emotionally significant gestures

    For Susie Ang, who works in the healthcare sector, COVID-19 presented a different set of challenges. As a front liner in an essential service, Susie must continue to work even…

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  • Six months 100% Pre-school Fee Offset, so that children from low-income families can continue to learn and grow in school

    March 2020. COVID-19 was sweeping across the world, halting global air travel. Tengku Halid Faizal was extremely worried. With no tourists, his limousine business whittled to a trickle, and he…

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  • My First Skool children learn more about caring for others and giving back to the community through making craft for fundraising

    A turtle made of a plastic bottle, Minion drawstring bags, Minnie Mouse pouches – what do these items have to do with empathy and compassion? These are crafts made by…

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  • Empowering families for long-term success

    One of the unique strengths of NTUC First Campus (NFC) is the support that we extend to children and their families. The Child Support Model (CSM) at NFC enables our…

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  • Nurturing children, our most valuable assets

    Prior to joining NTUC First Campus (NFC), I was with another organisation that worked with children and youths. One particular experience made a big impact on my life, and that…

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  • Extending crucial support for success

    The Child Support Services (CSS) unit at NTUC First Campus (NFC) supports the learning of children who have been flagged as having learning difficulties. As the Lead Learning Support Educator,…

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  • Building relationships to level the field

    As a Child Enabling Executive (CEE) at NTUC First Campus, I provide social support to identified children and their families. I monitor the children’s well-being, follow up on the reasons…

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  • #WhatBeneficiariesSay
    Mother of Vritik

    Alleviating the Struggle for Food and Essentials

    Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, my husband was stuck in Malaysia for an extended time. I had to juggle work, household matters as well as single-handedly care for my son…

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  • #WhatBeneficiariesSay
    Mother of Melissa

    Assistance that Goes Beyond the Extra Mile

    Our small family was burdened with a number of challenges a few years ago when my husband was diagnosed with cancer. The diagnosis affected his employment as a cleaning supervisor.…

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  • #WhatBeneficiariesSay
    Mother of Alesha

    Wholistic Support Eases the Burden

    A background of violence in the family has left me to bring up my children largely on my own. While I am working full-time at a fast food restaurant, finances…

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  • #WhatBeneficiariesSay
    Father of Bryan and Eden

    No Financial Barriers to Quality Education

    My delivery job does not make enough for me to support my family, so my wife has to work to supplement the family income. We had to send our children…

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  • #WhatBeneficiariesSay
    Mother of Aryyan & Zaydan

    Discovering a Sense of Belonging

    Both my children were living with their aunt previously as both my husband and I were working. But eventually we decided to have our children come back to live with…

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  • #WhatBeneficiariesSay
    Mother of Medina

    Support through the Pandemic and Beyond

    After my work contract as a call centre operator was terminated, things became even more difficult for my family. My husband is a dispatch rider, and his income was insufficient…

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  • #WhatBeneficiariesSay
    Mother of Shaista and Shazia

    Lightening the Load and Bringing Smiles

    With a household of seven living in a rental flat, life has always been a little tough for my family. Added to that is the challenge of bringing up three…

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  • #WhatBeneficiariesSay
    Mother of Cinta and Asif

    A Welcome Lifeline

    When our children were first enrolled in MFS, my husband and I were both unemployed and faced financial difficulties. With seven children to bring up in a 2-room flat, conditions…

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  • #WhatBeneficiariesSay
    Mother of Marzuqi

    Early Intervention Support brings Success

    As a single mother, it was a struggle to bring up my child on my own. I was the sole breadwinner and had to handle everything with regard to household…

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  • #WhatBeneficiariesSay
    Mother of Ashryn

    It Takes a Village

    My husband is the sole breadwinner in the family as I am suffering from kidney issues and need to go for regular dialysis treatments, making me unfit for work. However,…

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  • #WhatBeneficiariesSay
    Mother of Mingfa

    Support that Makes a Difference

    MFS has had a positive impact on my son’s life. Since joining the centre in 2020, he has adapted well and made much progress in his learning. He can socialise…

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  • Encouragement and support to become better parents

    When my children were enrolled in My First Skool (MFS) in 2018, the centre introduced the Bright Horizons Fund (BHF) to me and encouraged me to apply for it. With…

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  • Partnering to become confident parents

    My delivery job does not make enough for me to support my family, so my wife has to work to supplement the family income. We had to send our children…

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  • Clear improvements in habits and behaviour

    My First Skool (MFS) has had a positive impact on my son’s life. Since joining in March 2020, he has adapted well and made much progress in the centre. He…

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  • Care extended in many practical ways

    With a household of seven living in a rental flat, life has always been a little tough for my family. Added to that is the challenge of bringing up three…

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