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Our curriculum is designed by a team of professionals to take your child’s learning to the next level

The value of Early Childhood Development has never been more important

Quality early childhood education plays a powerful role in nurturing essential experiences for your child, working with the way the brain naturally develops in these formative years and ensuring that the learning and tasks delivered are age appropriate and designed to build confident, expressive learners. This approach is designed to optimise your child’s cognitive abilities and potential for success.

It takes a village to raise a child and, at NTUC First Campus, we partner with our teachers, your child, and you as a family to create nurturing and engaging learning experiences that support your child’s unique needs throughout their critical formative years and provides the foundations for a promising future for life.

As we deepen our understanding of how children learn, we are on a constant quest to discover new ways to strengthen our evidence-based curriculum and teaching practices to bring the learning experience of our children to the next level.

Everything we do is rooted in research and evidence

Here at NTUC First Campus, we implement ground-breaking early childhood practices in our curriculum, and we work together to put research into practice, with the singular goal of improving outcomes during the child’s formative years, through our long-term, collaborations with leading local and international educational institutes, researchers and our practitioners – Educational Leadership Specialists, Pedagogists, Educational Leaders, Centre Leaders and Educators to prepare your child for success in school and in life.

Our collaborative partnerships put research into practise

Relationships-Based Curriculum

The Research: Responsive relationships with adults promote healthy brain development in a child’s early years (Ebbeck & Yim, 2009)

Our Practice: We practise a primary caregiving model where one educator is responsible for a small group of children. The curriculum focuses on building positive and trusting relationships between the primary teacher and the children in the environment. When the child feels secured and attached, learning happens. The teachers leverage on routines, as well as experiences and interactions to build nurturing relationships.

Mother Tongue Language

The Research: Immersive bilingual learning reshapes the core of the brain (Pliatsikas et al., 2017). There is an important place for multicultural education and even an anti-bias curriculum, to ensure that children of all ethnicities have an equitable chance of success in schools (Sadler, 2007).

Our Practice: Language acquisition in English and Mother Tongue Language is interspersed throughout the day, in roughly equal proportions. Learning Chinese, Malay or Tamil is integrated into our curriculum in an inclusive, culturally-responsive manner. Language learning begins with oracy, and the use of language in familiar everyday situations. This is followed by the acquisition of literacy skills as children progress.

To deliver our quality curriculum, we invest in the continuing professional development of our people

Quality experiences in the early years promote a child’s long-term development socially and emotionally, which is the foundation for all other learning. We provide training to our teachers to apply such key Relationship-Based Curriculum in their daily work to create learning experiences for these young children to maximise their holistic potential within this “golden window” of child development.

We also provide curriculum leadership training to centre leaders in curriculum planning, mentoring, implementation and evaluation, to enhance their professional knowledge and digest the latest in early childhood education. The Professional Development programmes we incubate closely involve our educators and dedicated research team, and are governed to the highest international standards.

Our award-winning early childhood leaders and educators

As a testament to our focus on the professional development of our people, our team of early childhood leaders and educators, have consistently clinched Awards in the Early Childhood Education sector. It’s a recognition of their excellence and dedication to the preschool sector.

Our Awards:

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