BHF Financial Assistance (School Going Needs)

Funded by the Bright Horizons Fund (BHF), this programme helps to reduce the expenses on schooling essentials for eligible children.


  • Support for schooling essentials such as uniforms, field trip expenses and K2 graduation expenses.



Successful applicants will enjoy:

  • New school uniforms (up to 4 sets per child yearly), and/or
  • Subsidy for field trip expenses (up to $80 per child yearly), and/or
  • Subsidy for K2 graduation expenses.

Who is eligible?


To be eligible:

  • Monthly gross household income of $4,500 or less; or $1,125 per capita or less (applicable for 5 or more members in the household).

How to apply?


Please speak to your My First Skool centre principal or email us if you have any queries.



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