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Financial Support

Thank you for giving me a chance to go to school!

NTUC First Campus (NFC) believes that no child should be deprived of a quality early childhood education due to financial circumstances.

Operating on this core principle, NFC has in place various initiatives to support families in need in a variety of ways so that their children may benefit from an education at our preschools.

Our Key Programme for Social Support

Bright Horizons Fund

Established in 2008 to consolidate efforts to offer financial assistance to low-income families. Funds are used to cover monthly fees, uniforms, as well as ad-hoc programmes planned for the children at the centres.

OCBC-NFC Bridging Programme

Working in collaboration with OCBC, the OCBC-NFC Bridging Programme provides a one-time top-up of $400 into the Child Development Account of every child from low-income Union families who are enrolled at a My First Skool centre.

Sponsored NTUC Membership

Encourages families to be part of the Union family, with NFC paying the NTUC membership fees of one parent per eligible family with at least a child at a My First Skool centre.

You’ve Got Talent

A specially designed programme that exposes children from low-income families to niche areas of sports and creative arts to provide them with opportunities to nurture their talent in these areas.

Established by NTUC First Campus in 2008, the Bright Horizons Fund (BHF) is a charity fund registered as an Institute of Public Character (IPC). The funds are primarily used to provide financial support for preschool children from low-income families. BHF also supports a holistic range of programmes which cater specially to the children’s learning and wellbeing.

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Building close relationshos with children and parents and providing a listening ear to them

Learning and Development

Offering targeted learning support through our intervention programmes

Health and Wellbeing

Providing families with proper and balanced nutrition, and way to deal with mental stress