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Insightful learning journeys and strong employer support at NTUC First Campus


25 May 2022

While many travel to Bali for its beaches, Rozita Osman, Senior English Teacher at Little Skool-House (LSH) (On-the-Green), went there on an overseas learning journey organised by NTUC First Campus (NFC).  

“I went to a green school in Bali to learn more about sustainability. There, we saw how they recycled food waste into natural fertilisers, and how they made small boats out of plastic bottles. The experience broadened my perspectives as I was able to see how early childhood education is done differently in other countries, ” she said. 

Rozita was also went to Melbourne, Australia, on another learning journey 

In 2021, NFC, which operates My First Skool and Little Skool-House, became the first pre-school operator in Singapore to receive ‘Best Company to Work for in Asia’ for three consecutive years, as well as an additional ‘WeCare: HR Asia Most Caring Companies Award’. 

Sharing more about her work experiences at Little Skool House, Rozita said that NFC cares deeply about staff welfare and benefits, and staff are also well-supported. 

“My well-being is taken care of. NFC organises various online exercise courses, such as pilates and yoga. There was also a course to teach us how to protect our voices as teachers,” she said. 

“Everyone at NFC gives their best and works together to fulfill our responsibilities. NFC has also given me the autonomy and support to innovate and inspire others with new ideas,” she added. 

Chan Su Yee, NFC’s Chief Executive Officer believes that the awards are a testament to NFC’s commitment to our ‘People First’ approach. 

“The leadership team and I place great importance on engaging our over 5,000 staff. This is done through a variety of ways, both virtual and physical, such as centre visits, townhalls and smaller group interactions. This ensures that all members of our team are aligned to our organisation’s vision and goals. More importantly, it is also an opportunity for us to listen and take in feedback on how we can all move forward more effectively as one First Campus team,” she said.   

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