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Health & Well-being Support

NTUC First Campus believe that proper physical health and mental well-being is important to give every child a good start in life, and enables them to shine beyond their formative years

Thank you for the yummy food and keeping me healthy!

We provide low-income families with access to daily necessities, such as food and hygiene products. These practical forms of assistance support the health of our children and their families.

We regularly review our support areas and have broadened the scope of this pillar to include mental health support to families.

Providing Mental Health Support to Children and their Caregivers is one of our new key focus

The COVID-19 pandemic has brought about increased in stress that children and their caregivers experienced, particularly those from low-income families who face multiple challenges and additional challenges beyond pandemic-related stress.

With the awareness that there’s a gap in how mental health issues are identified at home and in school, NTUC First Campus’s Child Support Model will evolve its current forth pillar, Health and Nutrition Support, to form the new Health and Well-being support pillar.

We are kickstarting a series of initiatives that will focus on imparting coping skills to its staff, parents and children so they can better manage their mental well-being.

With the larger goal of strengthening the resilience of staff and caregivers for children from low-income and vulnerable families, NFC’s Child Support Services has launched a series of workshops conducted by Dr Ong Mian Li as part of a broader initiative to focus on caregivers’ mental well-being.

Children who have caregivers with poor mental health are significantly more likely to have poorer general health. This demographic is also more likely to have adverse childhood experiences, such as parental divorce, trauma, and/or nutritional and financial concerns. Addressing caregiver mental health is absolutely critical in sustaining the well-being of our children as we navigate a post-pandemic world.

Dr Ong Mian Li

Clinical child and adolescent psychologist
Mental well-being consultant for NFC

Here are some ways caregivers can encourage children in a healthier way

Our Key Programmes for
Health & Well-being Support

Hear from our expert #AskUsAnything

Have A Mental Well-being Concern? Ask The Team behind NFC’s Child Support Model. Drop us your questions below, and we will answer them on our social channels. Stay tuned!

Dr Ong Mian Li

Clinical child and adolescent psychologist Mental well-being consultant for NFC

Ong Mian Li, Ph.D. is a clinical child psychologist with expertise in childhood mood, behavioral and anxiety disorders. A Mayo Clinic fellow, Dr. Ong has authored 80+ research works and received global accolades for his work in global dissemination and implementation.

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