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Preschools foster environmental awareness in children through both “soft and hard” approaches


20 May 2024

Little urban farmers working hard at getting their produce from farm to table at Outdoor School Singapore’s ‘Marketplace Marvels’ holiday programme last year.

An article on preschools’ eco-friendly measures by Lianhe Zaobao featured NTUC First Campus’s (NFC) sustainable approaches in both the architecture design and curriculum of its preschools.

Its 159 My First Skool (MFS) preschool centres are located conveniently in the neighbourhoods, encouraging parents to walk or use the public transport to send their children to school, reducing carbon footprint. All MFS preschools also use LED lights, and 85 per cent of its preschool centres are naturally ventilated. For the centres that use air conditioning, the temperature is set at 25 degree Celsius.

In addition, NFC’s Outdoor School Singapore also inculcates a sustainability mindset among young children through its outdoor activities and holiday programmes such as the ‘Marketplace Marvels’ held last year. The programme empowers children to play an active role in ensuring food security, whether through supporting local agriculture, reducing food waste, or advocating for sustainable practices.

During their visit to a supermarket, the children not only learnt about Singapore’s resilient food system, but also made eco-conscious transportation choices such as taking public transportation such as buses and trains to reach their destination. They were encouraged to consider the environmental impact of their decisions and engaged in discussions about waste reduction efforts by the supermarket, examining food packaging and initiatives like encouraging customers to bring their own bags. This hands-on exploration fosters both environmental awareness and a sense of responsibility towards sustainable practices. The children also experienced community innovations firsthand by participating in activities like urban farming, where they sowed seeds, transplanted seedlings, and harvested produce.

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Lianhe Zaobao Print (20 May 2024)

Lianhe Zaobao Online (20 May 2024)

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