Chan Su Yee

Ms Chan Su Yee

Chief Executive Officer

We empower every child with the best learning experience and support by delivering on our promise and providing them with essential and foundational skills. These skills include relational skills, global citizenship, and digital intelligence for the future. We prioritise the well-being and development of the child, emphasising their needs above all else while maintaining a commitment to professionalism. By fostering a culture that embraces a shared purpose, tailored growth, and a focus on innovation for impact, we strive to build a brighter future for every child and family we serve.

Chan Su Yee is the Chief Executive Officer of NTUC First Campus (NFC), a position she assumed in 2021. Prior to becoming CEO, Su Yee had been a member of the Board since 2015, demonstrating a strong passion for preschool education and making valuable contributions. In addition to her role at NFC, Su Yee is also the Chief Executive Officer of NTUC Health, one of the largest community health and eldercare providers in Singapore. This dual leadership role has enabled her to forge a partnership between NFC and NTUC Health, pioneering a unique platform for intergenerational learning. By bringing together young children and older generations, Su Yee cultivates an environment of empathy, understanding, and knowledge exchange, enriching the educational journey for all involved. Before joining NTUC Health, she led cluster development for the Health and Early Education sectors at NTUC Enterprise.

Su Yee brings extensive experience to her role, having spent 14 years working with clients across Asia on a wide range of corporate strategy issues as a consultant at Bain & Company. Her credentials in business strategy, coupled with her strong passion for early childhood education, make her a trusted leader in the preschool education industry.

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