How the Bright Horizons Fund Transforms Lives


03 June 2024

A child’s early years set the foundation for lifelong learning. Early childhood education in Singapore plays an important role in this aspect, nurturing young minds for a bright future full of opportunities for growth and development. 

Yet, the reality is that not every child gets to experience the profound benefits of enrolling in a preschool. For many families in Singapore, financial constraints cast a long shadow over the possibility of providing their children with this essential start in life. 

In the midst of this challenge, NTUC First Campus’s charity fund, the Bright Horizons Fund, aims to lend a helping hand. It demonstrates the social enterprise’s commitment in ensuring that every child, regardless of their family’s financial circumstances, can embark on their educational journey and beyond with confidence.

What Is the Bright Horizons Fund All About?

The Bright Horizons Fund, registered as an Institute of Public Character, is dedicated to offering financial support and a holistic range of programmes for preschool children from low-income families. These programmes are carefully designed to nurture children’s overall learning and well-being. To date, Bright Horizon Fund has disbursed more than $2.7 million, benefiting over 6000 children and 5000 families, and these numbers are set to increase. 

Bright Horizon Fund’s Holistic Approach

In their quest to provide children from low-income families with the best possible start in life, the Bright Horizon Fund takes a holistic approach. The impactful programmes are designed to enrich every aspect of a child’s growth, from financial to social, health and well-being, and learning and development support. 

Financial Support

Bright Horizon Fund further extends its support with financial assistance schemes covering childcare fees, school uniforms, and field trip expenses, guaranteeing no child’s education is compromised. The OCBC-NTUC First Campus Bridging Programme provides a one-time $400 top-up into children’s Child Development Accounts, which can be used to pay for expenses to support the child’s early years. Bright Horizon Fund also sponsors NTUC memberships, providing parents with financial stability to offset the costs of groceries at FairPrice supermarkets and more, allowing them to fully engage in quality bonding time with their children without worry.

Learning and Development Support

The Read-to-Reach initiative supports My First Skool (MFS) children from low-income families in improving their English literacy levels. The Classroom Support Programme encompasses conducting small-group activities in preschool that reinforce effective learning. Furthermore, the Bright Horizon Fund Book Hamper programme cultivates reading habits.

Health and Wellbeing Support

Birthdays are magical moments for children and Bright Horizon Fund ensures that those from low-income families get to celebrate with the You Are Special! programme, where Bright Horizon Fund gifts containing items suitable for their age group will be delivered. Furthermore, the You’ve Got Talent programme opens doors to sports and art exploration, helping children to discover their passions. The “Infant Nutrition” programme offers financial support to families for infant nutritional products, benefiting children up to 36 months of age. This ensures that even during these crucial early years, every child receives the nourishment they need to thrive, regardless of their family’s financial circumstances.

Social Support

The KidSTART programme encompasses welcome packs that include age-appropriate books, toys, and wellness items, and access to complimentary resources covering early childhood development, guidance on parent-child interactions, and health and nutrition information. The programme not only welcomes children with tangible items but also extends a helping hand to parents, equipping them with resources to navigate the early stages of their child’s development journey.

Your Role in Transforming Lives

The beauty of Bright Horizon Fund’s mission lies not only in the impact it makes but also in the opportunity for everyone to contribute. Your generous donation can empower low-income children to work towards a better future. Here are some ways you can make a difference:

  • $200 supports a child to receive literacy and language support for 1 month.
  • $100 provides 4 sets of uniforms for a preschool child.
  • $50 enables a child to attend an enrichment class.
  • $10 helps a child celebrate their birthday.

How to Donate

The NTUC First Campus’s Bright Horizon Fund stands as a powerful testament to the impact of compassion, community, and a commitment to ensuring that every child’s future is filled with promise. 

No amount is too small and every contribution matters. You can make your donation through NTUC First Campus’s preferred partners or directly here.

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