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Tips from NTUC First Campus’s Lead Therapist to Ensure Every Child is Coping in School


29 December 2023

While every parent is busy making last-minute preparations to ensure their children are ready for the school year, parents with special-needs children face another conundrum – whether to enrol their child into a mainstream or Special Education (SPED) school.

In an article and television interview detailing the challenges parents with special needs children face when preparing them for Primary One, BERITA Mediacorp interviewed Shamiah Bafadhal, Lead Therapist of NTUC First Campus‘s Child Support Services for her expert insights. Shamiah stressed that it is important for parents to choose a school that suits their child’s abilities. Advising the close monitoring of children when they start primary school, she said parents should pay close attention to their child’s emotional wellbeing upon starting school and monitor their child for signs of emotional distress to ensure they are coping.

 Her expert advice underscores the importance of parents being attuned to their child’s emotional well-being during this critical period. 

Media Coverage

BERITA Mediacorp (29 December 2023)

Suria TV News (29 December 2023) [16:32 to 20:32]

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