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Learning in the great outdoors with Outdoor School Singapore


31 March 2023

Preschoolers participating in Outdoor School Singapore’s Young Hikers programme

At NTUC First Campus, we believe that all work and no play does not just make children dull, it limits the potential of discovery and hinders children’s innovation. 

A special segment on children’s enrichment classes on Channel 8 News featured NFC’s Outdoor School Singapore (OSS) and its outdoor programme which nurtures a love of nature and adventure among young children, while teaching them basic survival skills.

The news report featured 7-year-old Lim Zi Han who used to hate the outdoors as he did not like being “sweaty and dirty”, but ever since experiencing OSS programmes, he now enjoys learning new things outdoors. Due to the pandemic, Zi Han’s mother felt that he was cooped up at home. Hence, she signed him up for OSS’s outdoor programmes, which she believed would boost his physical and mental wellbeing.

Phang Shu Ann, Programme Architect of OSS, added that such outdoor programmes help children appreciate nature and develop ecological intelligence, resilience and risk-taking ability.

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Channel 8 TV News (30 March 2023)


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