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How My First Skool successfully shapes children’s eating habits and preferences through its specially curated menus


21 June 2023

CNA938’s Stanley Leong sat down with Thian Ai Ling, General Manager of My First Skool (MFS), to discuss MFS’s specially curated menus which excite and expand children’s palates.

Recognising that the preschool years are the most crucial time in shaping one’s eating habits and food preferences, Ai Ling shared how the menu at MFS preschools is regularly refreshed to meet children’s nutritional requirements and introduce food from around the world to get the children looking forward to mealtime.

Ai Ling shared how meals prepared at each centre have little or no sugar, less salt and less fat. Vegetables are blended into children’s food or arranged in an eye-catching manner to draw the interest of our little ones and encourage them to try these greens.

At NTUC First Campus, we are committed to enabling bright futures for every child and their family. As we believe in the holistic development of our children, we devote significant time and labour to mealtimes.

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CNA938 Radio (20 June 2023)


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