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Children in My First Skool Celebrate Labour Day with Meaningful Activities


30 April 2024

In a heartfelt tribute to the nation’s workforce, the children of My First Skool engaged in a series of meaningful activities to celebrate Labour Day, learning valuable lessons about the importance of work, community, and appreciation.

Celebrating Work and Community

Across all 159 My First Skool centres, around 15,000 children from Nursery 2, Kindergarten 1, and Kindergarten 2 took part in a special May Day appreciation activity. With guidance from their teachers, these young learners delved into the roles of various professions, gaining insights into the daily contributions of different workers and developing a deep appreciation for the diverse roles within our society. The children were encouraged to ask questions and think critically about the people who assist them in their daily lives.

My First Skool children posing with their appreciation posters for Labour Day

Expressing Gratitude Through Art

As a part of their celebration, the children created Labour Day appreciation posters, both individually and in groups. These posters, which express gratitude towards the community’s workers, are displayed prominently across all My First Skool centres. Positioned along entrances, walkways, windows, and other areas, they allow parents and the broader community to read these messages of thanks penned by the children.

My First Skool children creating their Labour Day appreciation posters to show gratitude to workers

Engaging Parents and the Community

Several centres took the initiative to involve parents more directly by inviting them to share their gratitude for workers or by thanking the workers in the community in person. This inclusive approach not only strengthens community bonds but also models positive social behaviours for our children.

Year-Round Community Involvement

My First Skool’s commitment to community engagement extends beyond Labour Day. Throughout the year, our children participate in various activities, such as cleaning parks and beaches or interacting with seniors through My First Skool’s Intergenerational Programming. These activities teach them the importance of giving back, fostering a sense of empathy and responsibility.

Recognising the Role of Workers and Children

As we celebrate Labour Day 2024, it’s important to acknowledge and appreciate the critical roles that both workers and children play in shaping the future of labour and our society. At My First Skool, we believe in nurturing young minds to understand and value the contributions of every individual.

My First Skool extends warm Labour Day wishes to all workers across every field this 2024. Here’s to those who build, serve, and teach – we thank you for your dedication and commitment.

Join us in celebrating this special day, reflecting on our shared responsibilities, and fostering bright futures for all.


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