Business Unit Educational Leadership

Lye Yu Min

I believe that professional leadership calls for T-shaped individuals, who have expertise in specific areas and are able to build and flex their other skill sets to ensure that the organisational and children’s needs are well taken care of.

Rachel Tan

I believe that educational leadership is about empowering leaders to strengthen curriculum and pedagogical competencies while fostering a collaborative network. It requires nurturing dispositions that embody authentic values and confidence to guide early childhood leaders in cultivating excellence. By focusing on both the “being” and “doing”, I am proud to be in a team that supports leaders to grow professionally, thus positively impacting the lives of children, teachers and families.

Natasha Tania Stansilas

As an Educational Leadership Specialist, I am humbled by the opportunity to not only support and guide leaders in discovering their own expression but also in connecting with them and their rich experiences to ultimately deepen their growth and learning, explore and recognize their true purpose and embody their unique qualities; offering them to those we serve; our teachers, our children, our families and our community.

Sheena Ang Ying Hui

As an Educational Leadership Specialist, I get to live out my passion every day. I get to take Early Childhood Leaders on transformative journeys that are designed to have them dig deep to find their authentic voices, uncover their personal values and purpose, and deepen their professional knowledge, so as to lead with clarity, confidence and meaning. Through this important work, we get to impact the lives of children, teachers, families, and ultimately our world.

Cecilia Wong Yin Cheng

Educational leadership to me, is about strengthening the curriculum and pedagogical leadership competencies of leaders and creating a synergy among leaders within centres across NFC networks. Nurturing the leadership dispositions of leaders to cultivate the right attributes are as important as equipping them with specific curriculum leadership knowledge and skills. Thus, in our design of the ECEL leadership program, we look at the “being” as well as the “doing” to flourish the leaders.