Business Unit Careers

Genevieve Tan

I am more at NFC because there is always room for new ideas.

As someone who enjoys an active lifestyle, I appreciate the special leave that we enjoy as NFC staff. Well-Being Leave, Singles Leave and Family Care Leave give me more time to explore my personal interests while helping me to balance work and family commitments. There has also been an increase in well-being programmes offered by the company, such as virtual workout classes on weekday evenings, which I enjoy.

Leading by example, online meetings and staff events have been the way NFC has adapted to changing needs due to Covid-19. At centre level, my team introduced new ways of engaging our children and parents when physical meetings were no longer possible. We implemented a Telegram channel to keep the KidSTART families engaged through bite-sized information on topics such as health and nutrition as well as self-care tips.

I am proud to be part of a company that stresses the importance of innovation. Being innovative allows us to stay relevant in a competitive market while giving us the ability to resolve critical problems quickly and accurately.

Evelyn Chan

I am more at NFC because my work is always validated.

In my current role at NFC, I work on ways to engage parents. This was especially important during the Covid-19 pandemic because we had to find new ways to do so. Circumstances around us have changed, but the needs of children and parents remain the same. My team members and I explored means of implementing virtual training, professional development programmes and different systems to ensure that we could continue to support the children and their families, even more so during these uncertain times.

NFC is supportive of my professional developmental needs and I have been fortunate to attend training in areas that I am interested in. As a result, my clinical skills sets have grown and deepened, and I am currently pursuing a certificate programme in Sensory Integration with the support of the company. I am also privileged to work with exceptional colleagues in the therapy team at NFC; finding satisfaction in what I do makes work a joy.

Diana Phua

I am more at NFC because new initiatives are eagerly embraced.

The Covid-19 pandemic has shown us the importance of always being prepared for the unexpected.

I am particularly proud of how NFC has implemented a hybrid work model where HQ staff can work flexibly from home and the office during this period. The company also redesigned the workspace in the office to include additional meeting rooms and new pods to provide conducive spaces for online calls and collaborations, if required. I am appreciative of the efforts that NFC has put in to keep us safe.

With the support of a company that emphasises innovation, my team and I have been agile in finding the best ways to connect with families and children during the pandemic. This comes from being adaptable, knowing how to introduce new ways of doing things in order to meet the same goals. It comes from being surrounded by continuous learning opportunities, of having benefited from professional training and sharing sessions that involve colleagues from different professions. The exchange of ideas, sharing of experiences, current practices, as well as case studies, add to my knowledge of intervention and make me a better professional.