Business Unit Careers

Clara Chia

I realised the importance of having a strong foundation in a child’s early years while volunteering and teaching children from low income backgrounds. I was attracted to the early childhood sector by the prospect of being able to contribute to a cause I deeply believe in – enabling children to receive quality early childhood education regardless of their backgrounds.

I was given the opportunity to work on different types of projects that helped me strengthen my management skillsets such as stakeholder management, project conceptualisation and execution with aim to scale.

The opportunity to interact with senior management helped convince me that this programme is indeed designed with an intention to groom potential leaders. I am certain taking up this programme is a right move for me!

Rachel Tan

Following my graduation in accountancy, I was looking for something where I could hone the skills learnt in university whilst making a positive impact on the community. I’ve always had a heart for children, and resonate greatly with NFC’s mission of making a difference in children’s lives by giving them equal access to quality education. Being associated with the company makes me happy to know that there is meaning behind every engagement that I work on and that I am ultimately contributing to a greater purpose.

I opted to apply for the corporate track of the Management Associate programme as I wanted to leverage on my business acumen and technical skills. The rotation within the corporate and business unit functions was a main draw for me, as it offers a holistic understanding of the company. I was also interested in the mentorship opportunities with senior management because it is rare for fresh graduates to learn directly from senior members of the company.

Lee Xin Min

I have always wanted to join the early childhood sector and play my part in nurturing our next generation. I am glad that NTUC First Campus is probably the first to offer a Management Associate (Education) programme in this field.

In addition, I really like how clearly structured the programme is. This certainly gives me the confidence that as long as I put in the effort and constantly improve with the guidance and support from my mentors, I will definitely be able to progress and achieve my goals.

I am looking forward to a fulfilling and rewarding career where I can nurture and witness the growth of the children.

Corinne Heng

It was clear to me that at some point in my life, I will pursue my passion in early childhood. However, being a mid-careerist, there are not many organisations that offer a Management Associate (MA) programme to people of my profile as it is often targeted at fresh graduates. It was great that NTUC First Campus (NFC) is diversifying the profile of Management Associates.

More importantly, I was inspired by NFC’s drive to be the leader to uplift the early childhood sector, to further professionalise it and attract more people to join the sector. Also, the MA programme allows one to serve on the ground first by directly teaching the children before taking on leadership roles within a shorter span of time.

Marie Luo

Prior to joining NTUC First Campus (NFC) as a Management Associate (Education) [MA(Edu)], I worked in two vastly different Ministries. Besides being a thought and practice leader in the early childhood sector, NFC now has a well-structured MA(Edu) programme which focuses on grooming future leaders. Hence, I took a leap of faith to leave my stable job for NFC.

Being an MA(Edu) gives me the breadth and depth in preparing myself to be an early childhood leader. Most importantly, I still get to be with the children! I am glad that this programme is giving me a “good start in life”.

Lau Shi Mian

I used to have tiny dreams of being a pre-school teacher. As I progressed through university, I became interested in working with young children, particularly in the fields of special educational needs (SEN) and educational psychology.

The willingness of NTUC First Campus (NFC) to welcome fresh graduates like myself who have yet to attain the relevant early childhood qualifications to join the sector was also what drove me to take the leap of faith to apply for the Management Associate (Education) programme. It is heartening to learn that NFC invests in its people through comprehensive training, professional and leadership development.

Furthermore, as I had previously graduated from Chinese schools with significant exposure to bilingual education and the Chinese culture, I feel empowered to approach topics on early childhood bilingualism and Mother Tongue Languages in NFC.

Chua Yen Ling

It has always been my personal goal to work with children. After five years in the Marketing and Advertising industry, I was ready for a career that allows me to play a pivotal role in shaping the minds of children.

Coming across the Management Associate programme was a godsend because its well- structured career path ensured that I would get a quality foundation as well as vital experience in learning the ins and outs of the ECCE industry within a short time. Together with its robust network of centres, I was confident that I had found a new home. Learning about NFC’s work ethos sealed the deal for me; NFC is a people-first organisation that always puts families, children and their staff at the forefront.

Despite being a recent hire, I was given the privilege of working on an ECCE research project. Admittedly, I was apprehensive at first but thanks to the peer support and brilliant teamwork from the rest of the Management Associates, it was an unforgettable and enriching experience.

Yong Foong Ling

I am more at NFC because I never stop growing as a professional.

I am thankful for the many opportunities to learn and grow in my 30 years at NFC. Prior to becoming a curriculum specialist, I had been a teacher and centre principal at MFS. In each of these roles, I was able to pursue and attain my early childhood qualifications with the support of my RO and the generous sponsorship from NFC. I also had good mentors and colleagues to guide me and build my professional capability to take on new challenges and roles.

Over the years, I’ve gained valuable work experience and learnt many new skills. Some of these skills include being analytical, looking at details and being able to plan, organise and prioritise work.

NFC believes in empowering staff with regular training and I have benefited from this. I have learned to better understand adult learning and I have also discovered strategies to be more effective in leading and working with others. Attending local and international early childhood conferences have also enabled me to be up-to-date with current trends in the field.

Vicnesh s/o Mathavan

I am more at NFC because my health is never compromised.

Keeping healthy is important to me and I regularly brisk walk and run as part of my workout routine. I also look after my mental health through meditation and calming both my mind and body for optimal benefits. It is rare that one finds a company that shows such conscientious care through a comprehensive range of initiatives that focus on well-being. NFC provides regular free medical check-ups for general health in common areas such as diabetes, high cholesterol and high blood pressure. I was also sponsored to attend training on workplace mindfulness to learn skills to enhance my overall well-being as well as to share with my colleagues.

This tangible support contributes to my well-being in a holistic manner. Achieving work-life balance becomes an attainable goal and makes me a better son, husband and father while encouraging me to give my best at work.

Shamiah Abd Razak Bafadha

I am more at NFC because my growth is supported through progressive ideas.

As a Speech and Language Therapist at NFC, I have received unstinting support in the development of my professional skills. The company gives me the autonomy to manage my own cases according to their specific circumstances, and this flexibility is very helpful in the kind of work I do. I use my expertise to facilitate children’s learning at My First Skool beyond standard intervention programmes. I support children in their capacity to communicate and connect with others in order to achieve their potential. Improving a child’s ability to express himself or comprehend others, positively impacts his quality of life, and is a deeply rewarding process for me.

Innovation is the ability to move with the times and is therefore essential for any endeavour that aims to last. NFC has always led the way in the arena, and its new in-house therapy team (of which I am a part of) is a forward-looking endeavour that raises awareness of our expertise in providing learning intervention to children with learning and developmental needs. Being a part of this effort has allowed me to move from a clinical hospital setting to better serve children in the community. It has been a thoroughly fulfilling experience.

One of my more memorable cases at NFC involved a child who had been flagged by her teachers for unclear speech and behavioural issues. After a considerable time of rapport-building, the child started to open up and showed enjoyment in her speech therapy sessions. We worked on her speech goals and she made quick progress. She developed an entirely different personality and became loud and confident, interacting easily and freely with her classmates, and even took on leadership roles in school.

Her parents were very grateful for the change in their daughter and were quite amazed at the exceptional skills of their child’s ‘teacher’ in facilitating this change. I happily explained that therapy only succeeded because we explicitly targeted the child’s speech issues. Therapy is about customising learning to meet each individual’s needs so that the root of the problem is addressed.

Sarah Gan

I am more at NFC because I am doing what I love.

Since joining NFC, I have been given the opportunity of developing my skills through on-the-job training. This has enabled me to tap on training funds to upgrade my skills and knowledge. On top of that, I was given the liberty of selecting suitable courses to address my specific learning needs, such as virtual Speech Language Therapy workshops and webinars. Within the therapy team, case discussions and topic presentations have also equipped me with effective understanding of other disciplines and how to better support the children in their various needs.

All these training opportunities have supported my professional growth and given me invaluable knowledge that has empowered me to assess and manage children under the Development Support and Learning Support programme.

Sabah-zia Mohamed Suhaimi Abdullah

I am more at NFC because I can move with the times.

Innovation is critical in the wheel of transformation. I strongly believe that the industry we are in forms the backbone of our nation and in this aspect the childcare sector is ever-evolving and where the thrust of innovation is critical. Being open to change reflects adaptability and creativity in what we do.

NFC has always been at the forefront of innovation and has continuously explored ways to allow us to do better with less. One of our proudest moments is being the first company in the early childhood sector to have a centralised call centre. I have had the privilege of being one of the pioneers of this initiative. From our early days as a tiny team, we are now a fully-staffed department of 66. Every facet of the NFC family, from new initiatives to tried and tested methods, works in harmony to provide the ultimate childcare experience to both children and parents alike.

Ruth Chia

I am more at NFC because I know I matter.

I have been leading and growing the social support unit in the Child Support Services Department and that has given me much satisfaction as I have a great team to work with. The joy I receive is derived from reaching out and helping the less fortunate. This motivates me to always find ways to do more and I am grateful that NFC has provided me with such an opportunity to serve.

Beyond work, NFC extends a variety of special leave to help us achieve work-life balance through. Childcare Leave, Family Care Leave and Well-Being Leave. This benefit reflects NFC’s belief in nurturing the holistic well-being of all staff. Knowing that the company understands the challenges we face in our day to day work and recognises the need to nurture us from time to time makes me feel very fortunate to belong to such a caring company.

Rita Lim

I am more at NFC because my personal welfare is always emphasised.

I first joined NFC as an English teacher in 2009 because I was drawn to its mission of making quality childcare services accessible to working families. Never did I think that I would one day be doing research management! Although I was a little apprehensive at first, I was given plenty of support and guidance as the project went along. The empowerment given to me as well as my bosses’ feedback and guidance have also been very helpful.

As a working mother of three preschool-aged children, NFC’s family-friendly policies have helped me maintain good work-life balance. In fact, during the circuit breaker, my boss was concerned that I was pushing myself too hard and encouraged me to take some days off to spend time with my children.

I believe that the best way to give back to society is to build the next generation by giving children a high-quality education. NFC has allowed me to do just that.

Meera Krishnan

I am more at NFC because it supports my heart of service.

NFC has provided me with a wonderful arena to connect with the community and serve them. This enriches my professional skills through vital ground experience while allowing me to work with management teams and external partners. Being with NFC has been an exciting journey for me, starting with very challenging centres that gave me excellent areas for learning. These challenges have built my confidence as a Child Enabling Executive (CEE) to face realities that impact our society and empower one to navigate through them. Children are the focus and my work revolves around their development, safety and well-being. I act as a catalyst to bridge partnerships between centres, families, external and internal stakeholders to deliver positive outcomes in the lives of children and their families.

Let me share about a particularly memorable case I worked on: the child had inconsistent attendance, exhibited a gloomy disposition and was not socialising with her peers. Coming from a single-parent household with a mother who was struggling financially and emotionally further compounded the issue. By working together with the child’s teachers, I was able to identify the child’s learning disabilities and effect the correct developmental support to help her. As a result of these efforts, the child adjusted well and looked forward to going to school every day. This change in the child’s behaviour and routine also enabled the mother to secure stable employment, thereby further improving the family’s circumstances.

As a CEE at NFC, I have been fortunate to attend a wide variety of training opportunities in areas such as mentoring, social work supervision, risk assessment, and child development stages. These topics are important to my work and contribute to my professional growth, complementing my work in the field.