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Understanding the Effects of the Child Support Model: Experiences of Children and Families from Low-Income Backgrounds

Written by Dr Xie Huichao et al., this paper reports on a research study in Singapore that investigated the outcomes of the Child Support Model (CSM) launched by NTUC First Campus in 2016, which is designed to assist children from lower-income families. The findings indicate the effectiveness of the CSM in improving learning outcomes, empowering families, and fostering collaboration between various stakeholders involved in the child’s development.

Temperament: The Basis of Our Personality – A Topic of Interest to Parents and Teachers

Written by Emeritus Professor Marjory Ebbeck, this expert article highlights the importance of identifying a child’s temperament and its influence on early education and development. Understanding children’s temperament can help parents and teachers recognise and understand underlying factors that facilitate or hinder healthy development. This article also provides insights and expert’s advice on the implication this brings to parents and educators alike.