Syarafidah Razali

I am more at NFC because I am a part of pioneering ideas.

One of the best things about working for NFC is the innovative collaborations we have with various external partners. Our collaboration with the National Arts Council has brought in professional expertise and knowledge on the arts for both teachers and children.

In 2018, my centre held an Arts Day event which showcased children’s artwork in a gallery style, complete with tours, workshops and talks. This first-ever project of its kind was a great success and I hope to explore novel ways of using art in my teaching to help children develop their creativity and problem-solving skills.

Apart from our unified focus on the children, the working environment at NFC makes coming to work a joyful experience. In my centre, there is a culture of greeting each other every morning. This focus on making our workplace warm and personal begins right from the beginning, when new staff are introduced to everyone in the centre on their very first day of work. Taking time to put a face to a name makes introductions meaningful, and sets the stage for the spirit of warmth and closeness that we actively cultivate in the centre. We also have monthly dress ups where the teachers from each level chooses a theme for everyone to dress up to. It is a fun and simple initiative, but one that fosters our unity.

As early childhood teachers, we need to continuously think of new and innovative ways to make our teaching more fun and diverse to meet the needs of different children in society. It will also give us the opportunity to learn new ways of doing things while picking up valuable skills for our own personal development.

To this end, centre leaders are open to listening to suggestions from teachers on ways to improve centre operations. Mutual respect is important in the centre and disagreements are solved through respectful discussions. During section meetings, teachers are encouraged to share with each other the challenges and accomplishments they experience in their work. Teachers are also given the autonomy to expand or improve on class lessons. This trust and respect further contributes to the healthy working environment at the centre.