Sherlina Tan

I am more at NTUC First Campus because my well-being is a priority.

As teachers, the most important value for us to have is passion because without passion, everything we do is not genuine. With passion, we enjoy and love what we do. And we pass on this attitude towards the children in our care. When there is passion, you feel the spark for work, regardless of how tired you are.

NFC has supported me in many ways to maintain this joy and passion for teaching. From curriculum training to professional development courses, special leave and programmes that promote staff well-being, NFC has taught me to be an inspiration to others, particularly the children and their parents. I especially appreciate NFC’s Well-Being Leave because I can use that time to relax and pamper myself. Self-care is such an important part of health but not many companies extend support in this area. With NFC, I know that that I’m always a priority.