Nur Quraishah

I am more at NFC because my professional development takes centrestage.

When I graduated from polytechnic six years ago, NFC extended a 2-year trainee teacher programme to me, despite my qualification in a totally unrelated field. I immediately took up the offer and I have never looked back. NFC has led me to a stable career path and supported me in progressing as an early childhood professional. As a result, I am able to plan my long term goals in this industry, and that is something reassuring to me.

I have been provided with so many opportunities for growth. NFC encourages staff to attend regular training sessions, and these include internal curriculum training, external professional development courses as well as specialised workshops to support our mental and physical well-being. Over the years that I have been with NFC, I have grown tremendously both as a person and in my professional capacity, and it is due to the wonderful support extended by the company.