Lena Lee

I am more at NFC because I can be a pro-active educator.

If a teaching method is stagnant, it loses its effectiveness and may not be relevant. Therefore, it is important that we find new ways to teach and impart knowledge, and incorporate these into our teaching to make learning fresh and enjoyable. Innovation allows us to keep up with a changing world by finding more efficient ways to get things done.

The circuit breaker period truly brought out the hidden strengths of the NFC family. We agreed that although children had to be kept at home, their learning should not stop. My team and I prepared physical take-home activities and teachers prepared e-lessons, which had never been done before. Activities were posted on the parent portal for parents to conduct with their children. Then we explored live teaching on Google classroom as well as Zoom. This led to virtual school meetings, which really showcased our bond and joy in working with each other even during pandemic times.