Evelyn Chan

I am more at NFC because my work is always validated.

In my current role at NFC, I work on ways to engage parents. This was especially important during the Covid-19 pandemic because we had to find new ways to do so. Circumstances around us have changed, but the needs of children and parents remain the same. My team members and I explored means of implementing virtual training, professional development programmes and different systems to ensure that we could continue to support the children and their families, even more so during these uncertain times.

NFC is supportive of my professional developmental needs and I have been fortunate to attend training in areas that I am interested in. As a result, my clinical skills sets have grown and deepened, and I am currently pursuing a certificate programme in Sensory Integration with the support of the company. I am also privileged to work with exceptional colleagues in the therapy team at NFC; finding satisfaction in what I do makes work a joy.