Types of social support that pre-schools offer


14 March 2022

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A teacher once alerted Meera Krishnan, a senior Child Enabling Executive (CEE) at NTUC First Campus (NFC), that a two-year-old child often brought feeding bottles that were old and mouldy. When Meera realised it was because his parents could not afford a new set of milk bottles, she sought donations and helped the child replace his milk bottles. 

Seeking donations is one of the many ways CEEs help families in need. Other examples include assisting parents with various applications to improve the family’s lives, providing emotional support, connecting families to organisations that provide financial assistance and helping families purchase urgent necessities through emergency funds. These are the five ways covered on parenting website The New Age Parents.

The article also featured NFC’s unique Child Support Model, which is our holistic, multi-pronged approach in supporting lower-income families and their children. We believe that every child will achieve their best potential through a quality education regardless of their circumstances. In addition to providing social support to such families, NFC also offers financial support, health and nutrition support and learning support through a team of CEEs and learning support educators. 

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