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NTUC First Campus supports preschoolers’s socio-emotional development through classroom programmes and modules


12 June 2023

At NTUC First Campus (NFC), we support children every step of the way, including helping them make the leap to primary school. While the Covid-19 pandemic and its preventive measures have limited children’s social interactions and thus negatively affected the social and emotional development of some children, NFC provides the necessary support and assistance so these children can still catch up. 

Justine Ho, Lead Learning Support Educator at NFC’s Child Support Services (CSS) Department, observed that some K1 and K2 children feel uncomfortable when interacting with people outside their families, and are also unwilling to share things with others in the classroom.

Sharing the developmental milestones of children, Sara Xu, Psychologist at CSS, explained, “Children at the age of two should start imitating facial expressions or sounds of others; at the age of three, they should begin to have the ability to recognise facial expressions; and at the age of four, they should be able to play with other children.” 

To ensure children hit their developmental milestones, NFC’s Classroom Support Programme (CSP) provides additional in-class support for N2 to K2 children with mild learning needs. Small group activities are conducted to reinforce effective learning in the classroom and prepare children for their upcoming primary school journey.

“In the post-pandemic era, NFC has also recently introduced socio-emotional modules that focus on improving school readiness for certain children in the graduating cohort so that they are better prepared mentally and emotionally for formal schooling, such as learning how to make new friends in a big school,” shared Louisa Chng, NFC’s Chief Child Support Officer.

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