Rajat Mittal

Mr Rajat Mittal

Chief Digital and Technology Officer

Technology is transforming the world around us and we are dedicated to harnessing its power to enhance our children’s learning, and our people’s development.

Rajat Mittal is the Chief Digital and Technology Officer of NTUC First Campus (NFC). He is responsible for developing and implementing digital strategies that improves customer experience, drives operational efficiency, mitigates risk, and enables the organisation to deliver differentiated products and services to the market. In addition to his role at NFC, Rajat also acts as the Chief Digital and Technology Officer for NTUC Health.

With over 20 years of experience in the tech industry, Rajat is passionate about leveraging technology to improve everyday lives of individuals and communities. He has led digital and technology initiatives for organisations across private and public sectors and has a proven track record of delivering business transformation outcomes for both large and mid-size companies across industries. Rajat has worked in North America, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East and brings deep expertise in corporate strategy, product strategy, engineering, corporate venturing, and setting up of new innovation platforms. He has broad experience in pulling together platform-based business models and ecosystems to help organisations embark on successful transformation journeys. Rajat’s experience in technology thought leadership is well recognised and he often gets invited to speak at local and international industry events.