08 October 2022

It Takes a Village

My husband is the sole breadwinner in the family as I am suffering from kidney issues and need to go for regular dialysis treatments, making me unfit for work. However, my husband’s income is insufficient for bringing up a family of six in a 2-room rental flat.

My health is always a concern as I worry that I am unable to be there for my children. When my youngest two children entered MFS, I was encouraged to send them to school regularly so that they could benefit from the programmes at the centre. I was also made aware of the (Bright Horizons Fund) BHF and the many forms of assistance extended to families like ours.

The BHF has been a lifesaver for us. Childcare fees are now made affordable, and we also receive full subsidy for the uniforms. Besides that, we have received food packs from the Food From the Heart programme as well as quarterly care packs, and also benefitted from external BHF partnership initiatives like the YWCA’s Project Makan. More than that, I appreciate the emotional support that comes from the staff who take a close interest in the well-being of our family.

My children look forward to going to school and I am so happy to see them progress in their learning. The teachers at MFS identify the children’s strengths and weaknesses to ensure that they receive appropriate learning opportunities. I am truly grateful for the efforts made by the centre and the BHF to ensure that my family’s needs are met.

You can touch lives through the BHF. Your contribution goes a long way and helps to ensure that children are given opportunities to education regardless of their family backgrounds. Be a part of the BHF family.

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