22 September 2022

Brightening up young lives through small but emotionally significant gestures

For Susie Ang, who works in the healthcare sector, COVID-19 presented a different set of challenges.

As a front liner in an essential service, Susie must continue to work even as Singapore went into Circuit Breaker and schools were closed. But she did not have family caregiving support to help look after Clara, her 4-year-old. How could she continue to work?

“I am really thankful that the school remained open for children of essential workers during Circuit Breaker,” Susie recalled. “Clara could continue going to school. That gave me peace of mind to go to work.”

Susie has been receiving support from NTUC First Campus’ Bright Horizons Fund as well as the principal and teachers at the My First Skool that Clara is enrolled in. One such support was the provision of care packs with health and hygiene essentials. “It was difficult to get hand sanitisers earlier this year, so that was very useful,” said Susie.

Then, in April, there was something extra special for Clara.

Each year, Clara gets a birthday cake to celebrate with her classmates, as part of Bright Horizons Fund’s ‘You Are Special’ Programme. But with bakeries mostly closed in April, Susie thought that it would not be possible to buy Clara a cake. “I decided to take leave to spend time with her,” she shared. They were delighted when a representative from the Bright Horizons Fund delivered a cake to their home. “Clara was so happy, she said: ‘Mummy, I can blow candles!’, and she sang the ‘Happy Birthday’ song to herself for a few days!”

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