Thought and Practice Leader

Quality early childhood education plays a powerful role in nurturing essential experiences for brain development, which consequently has a direct effect on a child’s cognitive abilities and potential success.

For over 40 years, our strong passion for children has steered our vision to be a thought and practice leader in the development and care of young children in Singapore, driving our initiatives to develop exemplary practices in curriculum, pedagogy and innovation.

With a commitment to constantly improve our quality of service for working families, we are actively forging partnerships with prominent early childhood care and education researchers, industry and sector leaders in respective domains as well as channelling resources to innovate our professional practices.

We partner families to fulfil the promise of each child, focusing on a nurturing environment that encourages and supports the child’s holistic growth in their early years. We believe that every child, from every background, deserves equal opportunities to a good start in their lives.

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By implementing ground breaking early childhood practices through community partnerships with local and international educational institutes and authoritative sector leaders’ efforts, we are at the forefront of:

  1. Introducing an evidence-based curriculum for young children aged 0-3 years old
  2. Designing a research-driven Mother Tongue Language oracy and literacy curriculum which includes locally-written books and learning games
  3. Building a comprehensive support system to ensure the well-being of children from less-privileged backgrounds

From understanding bilingual competence to adopting technology-infused curriculum, NTUC First Campus consistently drives and partakes in pilot initiatives for the industry so that current educational policies and practices are further enhanced.

Established as thought and practice leaders of the sector, NTUC First Campus consistently embarks on research by leveraging on existing educational policies and systems. This results in a springboard that enhances education practices and harness social growth for the community. Discover our wealth of research and advocacy work and learn how you can be part of this enriching journey in impacting the lives of young children.

At NTUC First Campus, not only do our professional leaders share their expert insights and knowledge in sector conferences, but they also lead panel discussions. Many of our members have been appointed as ECDA fellows or invited to lead sector change committees resulting in a convergent effort from our influential industry leaders that have contributed to promoting excellence in early childhood education.

As a mark of our commitment and vision of strengthening the quality of early education and related sectors in Singapore, NTUC First Campus partners with The Early Childhood Development Agency (ECDA) and operates with SEED Institute as its strategic training delivery partner to share expertise in Singapore and internationally through professional development courses.

Moreover, NTUC First Campus also collaborates with Principal Matters - a unique leadership programme that’s designed especially for pre-school principals under the mentorship of our Senior Academic Advisor, Dr Frederick Nicholas Ebbeck. The programme primarily equips pre-school principals with the ability to navigate complexity, learn agility as well as imbue themselves with a strong sense of self, required for success in the real world.