Business Unit Management Associate (Education)

Lee Xin Min

I have always wanted to join the early childhood sector and play my part in nurturing our next generation. I am glad that NTUC First Campus is probably the first to offer a Management Associate (Education) programme in this field.

In addition, I really like how clearly structured the programme is. This certainly gives me the confidence that as long as I put in the effort and constantly improve with the guidance and support from my mentors, I will definitely be able to progress and achieve my goals.

I am looking forward to a fulfilling and rewarding career where I can nurture and witness the growth of the children.

Corinne Heng

It was clear to me that at some point in my life, I will pursue my passion in early childhood. However, being a mid-careerist, there are not many organisations that offer a Management Associate (MA) programme to people of my profile as it is often targeted at fresh graduates. It was great that NTUC First Campus (NFC) is diversifying the profile of Management Associates.

More importantly, I was inspired by NFC’s drive to be the leader to uplift the early childhood sector, to further professionalise it and attract more people to join the sector. Also, the MA programme allows one to serve on the ground first by directly teaching the children before taking on leadership roles within a shorter span of time.

Marie Luo

Prior to joining NTUC First Campus (NFC) as a Management Associate (Education) [MA(Edu)], I worked in two vastly different Ministries. Besides being a thought and practice leader in the early childhood sector, NFC now has a well-structured MA(Edu) programme which focuses on grooming future leaders. Hence, I took a leap of faith to leave my stable job for NFC.

Being an MA(Edu) gives me the breadth and depth in preparing myself to be an early childhood leader. Most importantly, I still get to be with the children! I am glad that this programme is giving me a “good start in life”.

Lau Shi Mian

I used to have tiny dreams of being a pre-school teacher. As I progressed through university, I became interested in working with young children, particularly in the fields of special educational needs (SEN) and educational psychology.

The willingness of NTUC First Campus (NFC) to welcome fresh graduates like myself who have yet to attain the relevant early childhood qualifications to join the sector was also what drove me to take the leap of faith to apply for the Management Associate (Education) programme. It is heartening to learn that NFC invests in its people through comprehensive training, professional and leadership development.

Furthermore, as I had previously graduated from Chinese schools with significant exposure to bilingual education and the Chinese culture, I feel empowered to approach topics on early childhood bilingualism and Mother Tongue Languages in NFC.

Chua Yen Ling

It has always been my personal goal to work with children. After five years in the Marketing and Advertising industry, I was ready for a career that allows me to play a pivotal role in shaping the minds of children.

Coming across the Management Associate programme was a godsend because its well- structured career path ensured that I would get a quality foundation as well as vital experience in learning the ins and outs of the ECCE industry within a short time. Together with its robust network of centres, I was confident that I had found a new home. Learning about NFC’s work ethos sealed the deal for me; NFC is a people-first organisation that always puts families, children and their staff at the forefront.

Despite being a recent hire, I was given the privilege of working on an ECCE research project. Admittedly, I was apprehensive at first but thanks to the peer support and brilliant teamwork from the rest of the Management Associates, it was an unforgettable and enriching experience.