Business Unit Management Associate (Corporate)

Corrine Chong

Back in 2018, I had a short stint with NTUC First Campus’s (NFC) Corporate Development team and I truly enjoyed my time. I was appreciative of the nurturing and warm culture in NFC, and I felt that everyone was genuine and passionate in their area of work.

As a fresh graduate, I thought NFC would be my first choice as I wanted a job where I could see myself doing meaningful work for an organisation that is focused on its social mission and with an open and nurturing culture.

With a degree in Accountancy and Business (business analytics), I wanted to leverage on my business acumen and also technical skills that I have gained throughout my university years. Hence, I decided to select the Corporate track in the Management Associate programme. I like that there is a structure in the programme, where we could choose to rotate to different departments to learn the different business functions.

Clara Chia

I realised the importance of having a strong foundation in a child’s early years while volunteering and teaching children from low income backgrounds. I was attracted to the early childhood sector by the prospect of being able to contribute to a cause I deeply believe in – enabling children to receive quality early childhood education regardless of their backgrounds.

I was given the opportunity to work on different types of projects that helped me strengthen my management skillsets such as stakeholder management, project conceptualisation and execution with aim to scale.

The opportunity to interact with senior management helped convince me that this programme is indeed designed with an intention to groom potential leaders. I am certain taking up this programme is a right move for me!

Rachel Tan

Following my graduation in accountancy, I was looking for something where I could hone the skills learnt in university whilst making a positive impact on the community. I’ve always had a heart for children, and resonate greatly with NFC’s mission of making a difference in children’s lives by giving them equal access to quality education. Being associated with the company makes me happy to know that there is meaning behind every engagement that I work on and that I am ultimately contributing to a greater purpose.

I opted to apply for the corporate track of the Management Associate programme as I wanted to leverage on my business acumen and technical skills. The rotation within the corporate and business unit functions was a main draw for me, as it offers a holistic understanding of the company. I was also interested in the mentorship opportunities with senior management because it is rare for fresh graduates to learn directly from senior members of the company.