Top 5 Educational Field Trips For Children In Singapore


31 May 2024

Educational Field Trips For Children

Is your child naturally inquisitive and always eager to explore and learn more about the world around them? That is great, and something that should be highly encouraged! Outdoor play not only offers more creative ways for learning. It also provides them with various opportunities to stay active, improve their motor skills, and explore their five senses.

So, as a parent, how can you cultivate and harness your child’s curiosity through outdoor learning and turn them into lifelong learners? An educational field trip is an excellent place to start. In fact, Singapore offers a wealth of learning opportunities for children of all ages, providing a diverse range of family-friendly experiences catering to different interests.

Besides, a field trip is ideal for some quality family bonding time. Who knows – you might even learn a new thing or two yourself! To help you get started, let us share the top field trip destinations to take your child on during the weekend. 

S.E.A Aquarium

Step into S.E.A Aquarium and be transported into an underwater paradise, surrounded by a wide variety of marine life from all corners of the globe. This world-class aquarium is the ideal field trip for preschoolers interested in learning more about the aquatic ecosystem, as it boasts more than 1,000 different species and over 100,000 marine animals.

The aquarium also features various immersive exhibits and informative programmes highlighting the importance of marine conservation. With plenty to see and do, it is easy for the whole family to spend hours exploring the wonders of this underwater world. As the trip comes to an end, your child will develop a deeper appreciation for the beauty and fragility of our oceans.

Koh Fah Technology Farm

Source: Kokfhafarm

Escape the urban environment of heartland Singapore to Koh Fah Technology Farm, where your family can explore sustainable agriculture and learn more about local home-grown produce. As part of the tour, you and your child get to witness firsthand the different stages of vegetable cultivation, from planting and harvesting to the packaging process. 

This field trip can provide your child with a greater understanding of farming practices, food production, and environmental sustainability, fostering a deeper appreciation for local farming and sustainable food systems, as well as letting them know the importance of avoiding food wastage.

Pulau Ubin

The glistening skyscrapers adorning Singapore’s skyline are a far cry from the kampong settings of our forefathers. If you and your child want to learn more about the ‘good old days’, why not take a day trip to Pulau Ubin and experience the last kampong in Singapore? With its rich biodiversity and traditional attap houses, the island is undoubtedly a different experience from the modern comforts of city life in Singapore.

You can also consider enrolling your child in our Kampong Kakis outdoor learning programme. Starting with a boat ride to rustic Pulau Urban, your child will engage in various interactive learning adventures that teach them essential survival skills while honing their critical thinking and problem-solving skills during this child-led kampong adventure. Your child is sure to have a blast!

Nature Parks

An educational outing for your child does not always mean you have to dip into your pockets. Even a field trip to a local nature park, like the Singapore Botanic Gardens, can provide your child with various outdoor learning opportunities. With a diverse array of flora and fauna, they can get acquainted with nature and learn more about different plant adaptations, ecological relationships, and the importance of conserving biodiversity.

In fact, our Young Hikers programme is the perfect outdoor learning camp for nature lovers! As part of the programme, your child gets to visit two separate nature parks – Windsor Nature Park and Lower Peirce Reservoir – and learn more about the rich biodiversity within the biome. They will be taught basic survival skills and engage their senses to spot the lovely residents of the park, including the drongos, macaques, and even wild boars, under the watchful eyes of our trained instructors.

Mandai Wildlife Reserve

Source: Mandai Wildlife Reserve

Is your child an animal lover? In that case, they will love a field trip to the Mandai Wildlife Reserve. From rare freshwater animals to the various birds, reptiles, and mammals scattered throughout the Singapore Zoo, Night Safari, and Bird Paradise, these firsthand encounters with Singapore’s wildlife are guaranteed to spark curiosity and create lasting memories.

Through the immersive experience of observing these animals up close in their naturalistic habitats, your child can learn about the different animal behaviours and dietary habits, as well as the intricate relationships within the various ecosystems at the reserve. Your child is sure to develop an appreciation for the beauty and diversity of wildlife.

Foster a love for learning beyond the classroom

From exploring the beauty of nature at the Mandai Wildlife Reserve and S.E.A Aquarium to delving into the production of fresh vegetables at Koh Fah Technology Farm, each destination offers a unique opportunity for your child to expand their knowledge and foster a love for learning beyond the classroom.

Are you seeking innovative, age-appropriate outdoor learning experiences to facilitate your child’s learning and growth? In that case, look no further than NTUC First Campus Outdoor School. We have various outdoor learning programmes available for preschoolers and primary-age children. Visit our website today to view our comprehensive range of holiday camps!

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