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This Children’s Day, NTUC First Campus introduces AI-powered tool to foster creativity, digital intelligence and parent-child bonding


06 October 2023

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 Children can create their superhero avatars with an AI-powered tool developed by NTUC First Campus

In celebration of Children’s Day and the creative minds of young children, NTUC First Campus (NFC) wants to promote creativity and digital intelligence, and strengthen parent-child relationships. 

Titled ‘My Super Imagination’, the campaign merges technology and creativity and aims to inspire young learners while providing a platform for parents to actively engage with their children.

Through an innovative AI-powered tool developed by NFC for preschoolers, young children are encouraged to unleash their creativity and design their very own superheroes. NFC has partnered Uniqlo to print their creations as customised t-shirts.  

‘My Super Imagination’ campaign reflects NFC’s approach to education. NFC believes every child learns best through play, and its preschools cultivate a joy of learning in children through incorporating their interests to make learning fun, enjoyable and memorable. This campaign creates opportunities for parents to understand their children’s talents, and at the same time, nurture digital intelligence and creativity through this meaningful activity.  

The campaign runs from 6 October to 12 November 2023. It is open to all children up to six years old, together with their parents/guardians. The AI-powered tool is accessible at    https://campaigns.myfirstskool.com/childrens-day-2023 and https://campaigns.littleskoolhouse.com/childrens-day-2023

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Straits Times Online (9 October 2023)

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