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Nurturing the Next Generation: Teaching Little Skool-House Children About Water Conservation


22 March 2024

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“Water is a precious resource, and it is essential that we teach our children to value and conserve it from a young age,” said Hazeline Quek, Lead English Teacher from Little Skool-House (LSH) at Ministry of Education.

At LSH, we believe in fostering a strong sense of environmental responsibility in our young learners. One crucial aspect of this education is teaching them about water conservation – a topic that not only impacts their immediate surroundings but also the global community.

Hazeline shared, “When we talk about water conservation, the children are always eager to learn more. They ask questions, share their ideas, and even come up with creative solutions.” As we commemorate World Water Day, one child even suggested filling up buckets of water and sending them on a plane to countries where water is scarce or contaminated. This reflects the unique teaching approach at LSH, encouraging innovative thinking and problem-solving skills in its children.

Hazeline Quek, Lead English Teacher at LSH at Ministry of Education discussing the importance of water with our little global citizens on World Water Day

Exploring Water Conservation Through Interactive Activities

“Water scarcity is a very abstract concept for our children to relate to, as it is not something they are experiencing first-hand. By harnessing the use of technological tools such as videos, we can make it more tangible for children, enabling them to empathise with those experiencing water scarcity in other parts of the world,” said Hazeline. LSH also uses picture books, magazines and newspaper articles to make learning about water conservation relatable and understandable for children. 

Experiments such as teaching children how dirty water is filtered and purified, and teaching children to turn off taps while soaping, help to enhance children’s appreciation for water better.

Our preschoolers from LSH at Ministry of Education engaged in water experiments

Partnering to Amplify Our Message

LSH also works with partners to further spark children’s curiosity about water conservation. 

Children from LSH at the Ministry of Education eagerly listen to a PUB officer as she shares tips to save water

LSH at Ministry of Education collaborated with the Public Utilities Board (PUB) to deliver an engaging session to the children about water-saving tips and the significance of water as an important resource.The PUB officer read one of the storybook series called, ‘The Adventures of Water Wally & Sally’ to our children and emphasised the essential nature of water for sustaining life. The children were overjoyed when Water Wally and Sally made a surprise  appearance at the centre too.

Children from LSH at Ministry of Education met with PUB’s mascots, Water Wally and Sally

Separately, Ngee Ann Polytechnic students visited children at LSH at Ngee Ann Polytechnic to educate them about water conservation as well as ways to recycle waste.

Children from LSH at Ngee Ann Polytechnic with students from Ngee Ann Polytechnic

Reinforcing Water Saving Practices at Home

Learning about water conservation in class is only the beginning; it’s important for children to apply these values at home too. Hazeline shares some tips for parents and caregivers. “By involving the children in creating a visual checklist, we can empower children to take responsibility for adopting water-saving practices at home. This checklist can be displayed prominently in a common area, such as the kitchen or bathroom, where the child can easily see it,” Hazeline shared.

She also highlights that “parents are a child’s first teacher” and can play a crucial role in creating a more sustainable future for all.

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