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How NTUC First Campus levels the field for disadvantaged children


05 April 2023

Picture: Channel NewsAsia

A Channel NewsAsia documentary delving into whether inequality is exacerbated in Singapore schools featured NTUC First Campus’s (NFC) Child Support Model, and how it closes the gap by enabling children from disadvantaged backgrounds to benefit from a quality preschool education. 

Rita Lim, Manager of Learning Support at NFC’s Child Support Services Department shared how the Child Enabling Executives support the financially underprivileged through various programmes and resources. She added that NFC offers language learning and numeracy support to children, to enable them to catch up with their peers in academic development. The programme also featured one of NFC’s beneficiaries Mdm Siti Muhairah Binte Haizen, who shared how her three children benefited from preschool education at NFC’s preschools.

View the CNA Documentary below. (For the feature on NFC, please refer to time code: 15:49-17:11.)

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