Good touches vs bad touches: Little Skool-House (At-Kent-Vale) teaches children about body safety


13 February 2022

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Little Skool-House (LSH) (At-Kent-Vale) has incorporated body safety concepts, such as good vs bad touches, and situations whereby children should inform a trusted adult when they receive bad touches from others, within its literacy-based programme. Some of the guiding questions teachers will ask in a body safety class include, “What happens if someone touches you?”, “Who can you tell?” and “When should you tell somebody you know?”

Dawn Hu, Executive Principal at LSH (At-Kent-Vale), said that lessons on body safety aim to raise awareness among the children about respect for their own bodies and mindfulness of situations. “To us, it is about mindfulness and respect. We want to expose the children to this topic so they have a positive mindset towards their bodies, and when they come across this later in primary school, it is not too overwhelming,” she said.  

Singapore’s Children Society (SCS) also has a body safety programme known as KidzLive: I Can Protect Myself programme, which equips pre-schoolers with body safety knowledge through stories, songs and interactive activities. In 2021, Ms Hu sent 3 teachers for training with SCS, and she will send 3 more teachers for training this year, with the increase in importance of this topic. 

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