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31 May 2024

Development and Learning Support

Early childhood education in Singapore is both an exciting yet apprehensive phase in your child’s journey through life. It is a time when they embark on the path of learning and discovery, while parents like yourself seek reassurance and guidance to navigate this crucial juncture with confidence and clarity. 

At NTUC First Campus, we understand the need for innovative solutions to ensure that each and every child receives the best possible start in life. That is why we implemented the DS-LS Programme, catering to children who require low levels of early intervention support. 

What exactly is the DS-LS Programme and how does it benefit your child? Find out more here. 

Understanding the DS-LS Programme

The DS-LS Programme is a comprehensive initiative designed by ECDA, aimed at providing holistic support to children aged 5 to 6 who may require additional assistance in their developmental journey. Tailored to meet the individual needs of each child, our programme focuses on two key aspects: Development and Learning. 


  • Speech and Language Therapy: This component focuses on enhancing your child’s ability to understand and communicate effectively, ensuring they can fully participate in classroom activities.
  • Occupational Therapy: Our occupational therapists work closely with children to improve their fine motor skills, enabling them to engage confidently in tasks such as writing, drawing, and playing.
  • Educational Therapy: For children facing challenges in literacy, attention span, or memory, our educational therapists provide targeted support to help them overcome these obstacles and thrive academically.
  • Psychological Intervention: Emotional and mental well-being is essential so we help children manage their emotions and behaviours, fostering a positive learning environment.


  • Language Development Support: By strengthening language comprehension and expression, we ensure that your child can fully grasp classroom concepts and instructions.
  • Literacy Support: Reading and writing are fundamental skills. Our literacy support sessions aim to enhance your child’s reading and writing abilities, laying a strong foundation for future academic success.
  • Fine Motor Support: From handwriting to colouring, fine motor skills play a crucial role in a child’s overall development. Our tailored interventions help refine these skills, boosting confidence and independence.
  • Social Skills Group Support: Interaction with peers is key to social development. Through group activities and guidance, we nurture your child’s social skills, fostering meaningful connections and friendships.

Keeping Parents Informed

Beyond understanding the tailored programmes for your child, we recognise that staying informed about their progress is equally important to you. That is why we are committed to ensuring regular updates are provided through:

  1. Individual Education Plans: Children under the DS-LS early intervention programme receive a personalised education plan, outlining their goals and progress. We encourage you to actively engage in this process, ensuring that your valuable insights and perspectives are incorporated. 
  2. End of Intervention Evaluation: After the programme, we conduct a comprehensive evaluation of your child’s progress, so that you are fully informed about their achievements and areas for further growth.

Empowering Children to Reach Their Fullest Potential

Through our DS-LS Programme, we provide the tools, resources, and expertise needed to help every child reach their full potential. Together, let’s create a brighter future for our young learners.

Find out more about NTUC First Campus’s initiatives here.

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