Hor Fong Lin

Ms Hor Fong Lin

Chief Financial Officer

By managing resources effectively and investing in innovation and capability development, we ensure our preschools are sustainable and offer the best opportunities for bright futures.

Hor Fong Lin is the Chief Financial Officer at NTUC First Campus (NFC), where she oversees the finance, procurement, corporate secretariat, data protection, and risk management functions. Since joining NFC in 2012, Fong Lin has been driving transformational initiatives aimed at improving the financial sustainability of the organisation and building its finance capabilities. She has leveraged technology to improve productivity and governance through digitalisation of processes, and has strengthened data protection and risk management through the rollout of enterprise risk management and data protection framework.

Fong Lin is a Fellow Chartered Accountant of Singapore and a Fellow Chartered Accountant of Australia. She graduated from NUS with a Bachelor of Accountancy in 1985, and has more than 30 years of experience managing Accounting, Financial, Strategic Business Planning, Information Technology, Risk and Governance functions. Prior to joining NFC, Fong Lin held finance leadership positions in education, technology, retail and food & beverage industries, providing strong financial leadership in the areas of improving governance, productivity, business growth, and performance. Her vast experience makes her an invaluable asset to NFC, and her expertise ensures the organisation’s financial success and continued growth.