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Learning Mother Tongue through our Innovative & Engaging Approach

Supporting Children’s early Mother Tongue Language development

The first three years of a child’s life is a critical period of opportunity to lay optimal foundations for health, growth, and neuro-development for life (Cusick & Georgieff 2010).

The years between zero to six years old is a critical period for Children to learn languages. During this time, they also learn best through play and a process of discovery. By putting such research-driven approaches into our practise, NTUC First Campus is at the forefront of delivering an effective Mother Tongue Language oracy and literacy curriculum which includes the use of songs, locally-written original books, theatre pedagogy and learning through play.

NFC believes the best way for children to learn the Chinese Language is through ‘Living Chinese’. We created books, songs and learning moments for our children to learn and use the language in their daily lives We make lessons fun and interactive through the constructive use of play-based learning materials and by encouraging conversations between our children and their teachers and peers

Dr Connie Lum

Director of the Mother Tongue Language Curriculum and Professional Development at NTUC First Campus.

Inculcating children’s love for language through original thematic pictorial books

Since 2017, NTUC First Campus’s team of Chinese Language specialists has produced a total of 62 original Chinese Language books, set in local context depicting scenes of daily life and topics on numeracy, good habits.

These books have been an invaluable tool in our Chinese curriculum as they allow our children to experience different cultures with its lively characters, vivid illustrations and relatable scenarios. They are useful aids to help children establish self-awareness, empathy and an appreciation for other cultures and religions.

A look inside our latest “Joyous Festivals” Series

“Joyous Festivals”, the latest series introduces Singapore’s colourful and vibrant festivals such as National Day, Chinese New Year and Deepavali. Festivals and celebrations are fun-filled ways to pass on our heritage, values and beliefs.

Colourful and relatable illustrations that inspire children’s imagination

Features words commonly used in local context

Helps children appreciate the different cultures in Singapore in the Chinese Language at a young age

Guiding questions found at the end of each book for families to bond and share stories!

As the Chinese Language books are very localised with stories which our children can easily understand and speak about, they have been very effective in helping me teach the language to our children in class

Ni Xuejing, Chinese Lead Teacher, My First Skool at 51 Fernvale Link

Innovative Teaching Resources

Sparking children’s interest in learning Mother Tongue through the use of storytelling aids

Our focus is to make the lessons fun, interactive as well as relevant and applicable to their daily lives. We do this through the constructive use of storytellind aids including original songs, play-based learning materials that are adapted from our book series. This approach encourages conversations between our children and their teachers and peers, which also extends on our relationships-based curriculum approach.

NFC has composed a total of 45 Chinese children songs, which have been well received by teachers, students and parents.

Our teacher’s storytelling aids have consistently been recognised in the annual “Pre-school Chinese Language Storytelling Aids Competition Award.

This is a testiment that our teachers constantly innovate and think out of the box to spark curiosity in our children. NTUC First Campus supports our teachers with plenty of opportunities and training sessions to realise this goal.

Mother Tongue Learning in Action

Sparking children’s love for language through our innovative learning moments.

By combining our engaging teaching resources, play-based methods, by encouraging interactions between children and teachers in our learning environment, we create learning moments for children to develop their mother tongue language ability, especially listening and oral expression, and gain confidence in communicating in their mother tongue.

Our Mother Tongue curriculum is backed by a team of highly-trained, multi-awarded & distinguished pedogogists and educators

Dr Connie Lum

Director of the Mother Tongue Language Curriculum and Professional Development at NTUC First Campus

Our Mother Tongue Language Group is headed by Dr. Connie Lum (EdD, The University of Western Australia). A member of the Lee Kuan Yew Fund Bilingualism Proposal Evaluation Committee and Promote Chinese Language Learning Pre-School Education Support Group, Dr. Lum is a world-renowned educator with over 20 years in the early childhood field. Having written over 30 books on teaching Chinese, Dr. Lum has been an esteemed speaker in multiple symposia such as The China Early Childhood Education Conference, The Hong Kong University Conference as well as the OMEP World Conference.