02 October 2022

Wholistic Support Eases the Burden

A background of violence in the family has left me to bring up my children largely on my own. While I am working full-time at a fast food restaurant, finances are a constant struggle as my husband does not have a stable income. Things at home are not easy, to say the least.

During the Covid-19 Circuit Breaker period, my children had to share one laptop that my older children received from their primary school for home-based learning. Sharing was difficult among the children and eventually the laptop was spoiled. Learning about this challenge, the staff at my daughter’s centre referred her for the Digital Kampung Programme, and my children were able to continue their learning with a new iPad at home.

Besides that, the Bright Horizons Fund (BHF) has extended much needed help in the form of fee subsidies as well as free uniforms. We have also received food rations from the Food From the Heart programme, and my daughter was given care packs to reinforce good hygiene practices at home.

The centre staff are very supportive of my children and I. I was encouraged to join centre activities such as the Parenting Years Workshop and it was a good opportunity for me to interact with other parents. My emotional health as a working mother bringing up the family single-handedly has improved as a result of the care extended to my family through the BHF. MFS understands the importance of support to families such as ours so that our children are not left behind in their learning due to financial circumstances.

You can touch lives through the BHF. Your contribution goes a long way and helps to ensure that children are given opportunities to education regardless of their family backgrounds. Be a part of the BHF family.

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