Lead Instructor

Bachelor of Social Sciences with Honours (Highest Distinction-Sociology), National University of Singapore
Green Educator - Green School Bali
Level 3 Outdoor School Instructor

Sofia is an experienced facilitator dedicated to educating the young generation about the environment. As an avid lover of all things nature and working with young children, Outdoor School Singapore is the perfect combination of all her interests. She began her journey in environmental education as an education facilitator with Wildlife Reserves Singapore for several years. There, she shared her excitement and wonder for the natural world and its inhabitants, fostering a sense of responsibility and advocacy for the environment within her young participants. She has extensive experience in working with young children from different backgrounds and age groups – from pre-schoolers to primary school children, children with special needs and those who come from disadvantaged backgrounds. She believes that education should aid the child’s holistic development, and that the outdoors provide ample opportunities for experiential learning and growth.