Bachelor of Arts in Public Policy and Global Affairs, Nanyang Technological University
Level 2 Outdoor School Instructor

Although Thamim had always loved being outdoors since she was young, it was only after working in desk-bound jobs that she realised life is too short to not pursue one's passions. Her previous job in civil service exposed her to the immense importance of early childhood education, particularly beyond the confines of its traditional settings. Therefore, as an outdoor educator, Thamim strives to be an advocate for nature-based learning because she believes that nature provides countless learning opportunities, such as learning to take risks in a new terrain or discovering Singapore's rich biodiversity.

Thamim is a strong believer in hands-on experiences for young children, and she aims to create nurturing spaces where children can safely indulge their curiosity while exploring nature. Through her can-do attitude and sense of wonderment for the natural world, she hopes to inspire children and impart her love for nature, encouraging them to develop their own appreciation for the outdoors.