About Us

The NTUC First Campus (NFC) Do Good effort is fueled by our passion to give every child in Singapore a good start in life. Recognising that children come from a whole spectrum of backgrounds, NFC aims to reach out to children who need the most support, i.e. children who come from low-income families and children with learning needs.

This effort ties in with our corporate mission of making quality child development and care services accessible to every child.

Do Good Stories:

Beyond NTUC First Campus providing support for underprivileged families through its very own Child Support Model, NFC’s staff have also been “doing good” on their own accord. These staff give back to the community through various means, outside of their usual work scope, in their own time and using their own resources. 

In this series, some of these staff share their experiences with us, giving us a peek into what they are doing to give back to the community, the difference they are making and what drives them.

About the Child Support Model

The Child Support Model was developed by NFC in 2016 to support children from low-income families and children with learning needs at My First Skool (MFS) centres.  The model is:

  • Holistic
  • Integrated
  • Collaborative
  • Scalable
  • Evidence-based

It seeks to help the children achieve sustainable learning outcomes during their early learning years, and promote social mobility for the less privileged groups.

The Child Support Model provides support to low-income children and their families through three broad areas: