Bright Futures For All Employees

NTUC First Campus’s (NFC) success lies in the quality and well-being of its employees. It embraces a people-first approach to develop its employees professionally while ensuring their well-being.

Teachers at Little Skool-House in a discussion.

Improving Processes To Optimise Efficiency

In January 2022, NFC commissioned a Time Motion Study at 15 My First Skool (MFS) centres to look into its teachers’ workload. More than 220 teachers from these centres took part in centre observations and surveys. Thereafter, NFC’s management adopted the findings and recommendations from the study, which helped to simplify and standardise teachers’ workload across all MFS centres by 50 per cent.

Through this initiative, NFC’s educators have been able to achieve a workload that is both meaningful and sustainable, allowing them to devote more time to engaging with parents and children. The simplification and standardisation of curriculum documentation and implementation across all MFS centres also ensured consistent quality.

Professional Development Through Overseas Learning Journeys

Overseas Learning Journeys are a form of professional development which enables NFC’s staff to gain insights and stay abreast of developments in the early childhood industry. These experiences also provide NFC visibility when its staff participates in conferences or visit centres of excellence.

In 2022, more than 100 staff took part in learning journeys. Some of these conferences include the PECERA Annual Conference which was conducted virtually, OMEP World Assembly and Conference in Greece, and the NAEYC Annual Conference in Washington DC, United States.

The NTUC First Campus delegation at the NAEYC Annual Conference in Washington DC, United States.

New Programme To Develop Emerging Leaders

The Engaging Leaders Programme (ELP) aims to develop middle-level leaders from NFC’s preschool centres and corporate functions with the necessary leadership skills through training and bootcamps, to ensure NFC’s growth and sustainability as a quality preschool provider. The three-month programme provided opportunities for participants to build on one another’s learning and experiences through teamwork and presentations, and included coaching sessions with themes on customer-centricity, strategic thinking, and innovations and creativity. The participants could apply their learnings in their respective areas of work.

Launched in September 2022, the first batch of 26 graduates completed the refreshed edition of the programme in November 2022.

Lycia Yam

Vice Principal
Little Skool-House (At-OCBC-Tampines)

“The Engaging Leaders Programme has not only brought me on a journey of self-discovery, but also a journey of self-motivated growth. Through the different topics shared over this three-month programme, I have grown both as a person in terms of understanding more about myself, my leadership style, what drives and motivates me, and also professionally, in applying what I learnt and better understood about myself, to my work and how I collaborate with my team, to inspire, motivate and strengthen our work towards NFC’s goals, all while considering my staff’s differing perspectives and motivators that will ultimately propel us forward, together.”

Sheena Ang

Educational Leadership Specialist
Child Development Department
NTUC First Campus

“One of the key learning points for me was in the aspect of motivating people and teams. Through the programme, I gained a deep understanding of the various elements that motivate people, including the power of relatedness, autonomy, purpose, and mastery. This knowledge has been incredibly helpful in my day-to-day leadership, as I am now able to lean on this framework to ensure that leaders I work with are supported in the best way possible, and inspire them to create a ripple effect of positive change with their own teams.”

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