At NTUC First Campus (NFC), we are committed to achieving our goal of having Happy Staff, Happy Child and Happy Parents. As a thought leader in the Early Childhood sector, we have continued to strengthen our capabilities and grow our network, providing accessible and quality pre-school education for all families.

Message from Chairman and CEO

The Bar

NFC ensures that it provides the best for our children, be it in terms of learning resources, curriculum, learning environment and even nutritious and well-balanced meals.

More Lives

NFC is continually growing our network, opening childcare and student care centres around Singapore, to ensure that children in every neighbourhood have access to high-quality, affordable early childhood education.


At NFC, we recognise the importance of our teachers and staff and ensure their development and growth. We ensure that our staff can thrive in a culture of empowerment and openness.


NFC recognises the importance of having deep and meaningful partnerships between our teachers and parents, and share knowledge, skills and resources, providing the best support for the development of our children.

The Way

NFC prides itself as being a thought leader in the ECCE sector, pushing boundaries and pioneering new areas so that we can provide the best for our children and families.

Information as of 31 December 2019 unless otherwise stated

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