Time to cook…with Daddy!

July 13, 2017

Children from My First Skool bonded with their fathers over a session of sandwich and sushi making


Made with love: Pre-schoolers from My First Skool (MFS) at Blk 306 Serangoon Avenue 2 presenting sandwiches made with their fathers at the centre.

The Children Learning Through Cooking workshop was organised by My First Skool (MFS) at Blk 306 Serangoon Avenue 2 on 22 June. The event, which saw 32 fathers in attendance, was held to celebrate Father’s Day and provide a platform for pre-schoolers to build closer relationships with their fathers through cookery.

“This event was organised with Father’s Day in mind. We find that for father and child, the bonding is not so close. So we wanted to create a bonding opportunity through this workshop and at the same time for both father and child to learn interesting things together through cooking,” said Principal Ms Shakkilla D/o Uttera Pathy, 43.

The day started with the fathers sitting through a talk conducted by the centre to understand the benefits of cooking and what children could gain from the activity.

Through it, they learnt that cooking not only creates bonding opportunities but also help their children gain knowledge from eight learning areas- namely creativity, failure, cultural understanding, social and emotional development, language and literacy, health and body, science and mathematics.

Cooking matters: Teacher Ms Kathy Baranda (lady standing) conducts a briefing for the fathers about how children can benefit from cooking.

After the talk, picnic mats were laid on the centre floors where pre-schoolers worked with their fathers to prepare sandwiches and sushi rolls with ingredients provided, following instructions given out by Ms Shakkilla and her teachers.

Bonding over food preparation : Pre-schoolers happily work with their fathers to prepare sushi rolls after the sandwich making segment.

At the end of the food making session, some pre-schoolers enjoyed the food with their fathers while others brought it home for sharing with other family members.

The workshop was concluded with a ceremony where pre-schoolers and their fathers were awarded Certificates of Participation to thank them for their support of the event.

Token of appreciation: Each pair of father and child received a Certificate of Participation from MFS Principal Ms Shakkilla D/o Uttera Pathy at the end of the event.

Following the end of the workshop, the fathers brought their children out for lunch before heading to Nex for their next treat – a screening of the movie Despicable Me 3 with tickets bought by the pre-school beforehand.

Software developer Chia Kang Ngee, 46, who participated in the workshop with his daughter Chia Zi Xuan found the overall experience a fruitful one.

“Not only is it educational, it allows bonding with the child. You are doing something that not everyone will have the opportunity to do it at home. Usually these days, most parents are out while their kids have school and enrichment activities. This event encourages you to take time off and spend time with the child,” said Mr Chia.

When asked what she liked about the workshop, five-year-old Zi Xuan said: “I can make food with Daddy!”

Written by:

Shang Thong Yi
NTUC First Campus