CSM Schemes


Digital Kampung Programme

The Digital Kampung initiative offers iPad loans of up to three months for eligible Nursery to K2 aged children at My First Skool.


  • iPad loans of up to three months



This initiative aims to bridge the digital divide experienced by low-income families by providing them with Apple iPads. Beneficiaries are able to stay digitally engaged with home learning and intervention programmes conducted by the school. The loan of these iPads also allow for better parent-teacher engagement and the use of educational apps to accelerate children’s learning.

Such hands-on learning is popular with children and their families, and this programme ensures that everyone can benefit from it, regardless of whether they possess an appropriate device or not.

This programme is sponsored by NTUC FairPrice Foundation.

Who is eligible?


To be eligible:

  • Monthly gross household income is $4,500 or less; or $1,125 per capita or less (applicable for 5 or more members in the household), and
  • Children are also required to record at least 50% attendance in the month before the loan.

How to apply?


To find out more, speak to your centre principal” or email xxx if you have any queries.