CSM Schemes


Development Support-Learning Support Programme (DS-LS)

The Development Support and Learning Support (DS-LS) Programme supports children who require low levels of early intervention support. The programme aims to provide targeted developmental and learning support for children who are enrolled in preschools.


  • Provide targeted developmental and learning support for children



Trained teachers carry out the DS-LS Programme to support the needs of children in their natural learning environment. At My First Skool, this refers to the centres where the children are. These trained teachers work together with early intervention professionals and other health professionals to design appropriate Individualised Educational Plans goals to implement effective intervention protocols for the children. Parents and caregivers are also guided on ways to support their children at home.

Who is eligible?


To be eligible:

  • Monthly gross household income is $4,500 or less; or $1,125 per capita or less (applicable for 5 or more members in the household)

How to apply?


To find out more, speak to your centre principal” or email xxx if you have any queries.