Pre-school teachers – Isn’t that a job for women only?

November 07, 2014

Ever wondered what it must be like to walk into a class filled with children of pre-school age? Loud ear-piercing screams, children creating a mess and snatching one another’s toys? No, in this childcare centre, everything is well-maintained and controlled.

In My First Skool at Blk 671A Jurong West, the children are respectful towards one another as well as towards the teachers. They are a bunch of adorable and angelic children that all parents will wish to have. No screaming and untamed children ran around because of one man.

Teacher Ben Lim, 49, was the reason to this well-organised and disciplined class. It was THE day, the day where Teacher Ben will be on camera. The children were extremely excited in the morning, knowing that there will be huge cameras around and there will be people filming the activities that they plan to carry out.

By 9.30am, the video cameras were set in their classroom as the children have their eyes fixated on it the entire time, posing and making silly faces in front of the camera.


Different activities have been planned for Teacher Ben and his students as he was being filmed for a new television segment titled “What is Your Line?” that is to be broadcasted on MediaCorp Channel 8’s “Hello Singapore”. The segment showcases three unique facts that people do not know about various occupations in Singapore.

Teacher Ben was chosen to represent the pre-school industry’s male population. People often have the misconception that the pre-school industry is only suitable for females as it requires a lot of patience and females are more capable in nurturing the young. However, Teacher Ben proved everyone otherwise.


Teacher Ben is like an idol towards his students – they respect him; they learn from him and play with him. As a pre-school teacher, he constantly keeps up with trends that young children are interested in, in order to keep pace with them and speak in their lingo. He believes that passion is important when handling children; one needs to have to have the strong belief that children are the future of Singapore and they need to start well from young.

Among the many sharings Teacher Ben gave the crew of Channel 8 was this, “Being a pre-school teacher isn’t just a job that one holds down for livelihood reasons. I personally feel that it is most important for us to be there for our children when they need a listening ear or a role model. Being a pre-teacher is actually a spirit that one wishes to uphold in order to inculcate good moral values in our young. At this critical young age, it is important that children are given a good start in life, ‘armed’ with knowledge on ethical behavior while nurturing their analytical skills and giving them a kickstart to their individual potential.”

Indeed, seeing the interaction between Ben and his students, one wonders why male pre-school teachers are so far and few between. Perhaps in time, we will see more males joining the industry, especially after the television broadcast by MediaCorp?

Written By:

Elaine Neo
NTUC First Campus Co-operative Limited